Tarsemine: The Gateway City, a million-resident metropolis built atop a host of mysteries, standing in the shadow of an arcane spire of stone. A free city, a self-styled republic, straddling the boundaries of three kingdoms, steeped in the intrigues of each and driven by the agendas of its own innumerable factions and families. Spells flash, steel glints, and shadows gather inside the city walls — as well as below.

From the mansions of High Town to the slums of the Slink, Tarsemine is a city of adventure. Corrupt nobles hobnob with righteous priests who rub elbows with idealistic guildsmen who consort with unscrupulous criminals. It’s a city where the bold may gain wealth and power, but where a wrong turn can spell death or worse.

Behold, wondrous Tarsemine, and lose yourself among its storied streets.