Tag: groups and factions


  • Harrow Elves

    Elves who have suffered some great tragedy, possibly related to the formation of the Spire. Harrow elves individually are often scarred, deformed, or both. Many wear masks, seemingly to hide their twisted features. Harrow elves are pitied or disdained by …

  • Families (The Ten of Tarsemine)

    Ten families comprise the aristocratic body of Tarsemine. Members of the ten families inherit, are appointed to, or are elected to positions of responsibility (and privilege...) in the city. Outsiders may hold positions among the various titles supported …

  • Rau

    A roguish noble family extensively involved with maritime interests. House Rau possesses the charter to manage the fees and trade tariffs levied in relation to the shipping business from the Winedark Bay to the Scarlet River.

  • Dallimothan

    Of purportedly "exalted" blood, the Dallimothan seem not to have the same sinister reputation as the Rozloi or the nigh-piratical ruthlessness of the Rau. Those of magical inclination speak highly of the Dallimothan family.

  • Shamra

    A once-aristocratic family that has suffered a precipitous fall from grace and status, and now makes its fortunes via commerce. Unlike the other noble families, House Shamra allows private individuals to buy membership in the family, thereby granting …

  • Tavener

    House Tavener is among the oldest of the Tarsemine families, with a legacy that has shifted over the centuries from a human-dominated family to one consisting primarily of elves and half-elves, through marriage and inheritance.

  • Marduk

    Patrons of magical research, House Marduk is one of the most esteemed families of the Harif Caliphates. Its enemies call it "the House of Shadow," invoking years of mistrust of the family's magical traditions.

  • Bayezidh

    One of the greatest and oldest noble families, House Bayezidh claims the Invincible Overlord of Tarsemine itself. The family's influence has been fading, as understanding of the ancient technologies upon which the city is built continue to fail, but where …

  • Whake

    A wealthy upstart family, the Whake were among the first of the aristocracy to develop business interests to support their aristocratic claims. They patronize the arts and, of all the families are seen as the most populist, though of late they favor …