Scourging the Spider-Demon's Temple

After a reconnaissance foray into the depths of the temple itself, the party engaged the aid of a few freebooters rented from the Delver’s Guild to put down a righteous smite on “Ottopede” and its nefarious temple. The assault took a heavy toll, and both Takhis and Zartan found themselves on death’s door after a vicious entanglement with a pair of bearded devils the barbed devil enlisted to bolster its ranks.

The PCs emerged victorious, however, and collected their spoils: a six-foot, solid-gold statue of a noble of House Shamra. Amid the bodies of the fallen were a few suspected members of the Pale Dogs, which piqued Mabon’s curiosity. A greater challenge, however, was how to move the statue from the chamber beneath the streets.

Enter Zigs and Arlien, a pair of fellow Delvers separately hired by Orestes the gnome to recover the statue after the original party pleaded failure to retrieve it and subsequently ceased all communications with Orestes. The duo arrived just as the victorious party discussed plans to transport the statue, and with a quick conversation of each other’s intent, the newly expanded fellowship hatched a plan to put the gnome racketeer on the ropes….


JustinAchilli JustinAchilli

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