Scouting the Spider-Demon's Temple

The party engaged the services of Damoteles, a Tarsemine local and member of the Adventurer’s Guild, to help them scout the details of the Temple of Ottopede the Spider-Demon. Damoteles found an entrance to the old dwarven sub-strata and the party followed an aqueduct to a vault where the cultists held audience with “Ottopede.”

Takhis heard “Ottopede” speaking the language of devils, as opposed to the expected language of demons, and Brond conducted some quiet research at the Temple of Heironeous that confirmed “Ottopede” as a barbed devil.

Mabon crept into the vault to scope out the statue the party is charged with recovering and found that it bears the family crest of the Shamra, a noble family fallen on hard times but nonetheless still among the aristocracy. The PCs engaged a number of the Pale Dogs to find the route connecting the vault to the temple, which they did with aplomb.

The party sketched a plan to move the statue, but the devil and cultists still present an obstacle.


JustinAchilli JustinAchilli

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