The Forgotten Floor

The team of Mabon, Brond, Takis & [Evelyn’s Toon] returned to the ruins to explore that mysterious floor attached to the shaft.

Inside, they once again encountered those undead apes and a new dark dwarf people. This floor had 3 dwarven statues on pedestals in 3 rooms and seemed to be a sort of hotel lobby like establishment. One room contained a dry well.

Also, it appears a control apparatus for the machine the Balacazar’s seek is found on this floor. We were unable to discover how it’s used or its purpose, but reporting this find back should complete this assignment for us.

The team descended the deep well to find two curious people of a mysterious elven descent observing a mural painted upon the wall. During engaging conversation they mentioned another entrance to this place protected by fire. We asked them to leave and while they willing agreed, something offended Brond and a brawl was started. During the fight, the fighter, Bannon, called for him from the Dahag. It was a terrible spider looking creature that was a very challenging fight. We were able to defeat the group, killing the fighter and dahag, while taking the wizard prisoner.


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